Our Approach


We invest in legacy spaces where our teams have worked for decades and created billions of dollars in value.

Stonefly is sponsored by a single-family office holding company – Robertson Capital.  Robertson Capital holds equity interest in companies operating in the exploration & production and midstream sectors.  We also hold minority equity interest in an oilfield service company.


Top Tier Management Teams
Our management teams have more than 100+ years of combined experience developing assets that are globally valued in excess of $50 Billion. Our management teams have track records operating 25,000 miles of oil and gas pipelines, have been responsible for the construction of a $5 Billion midstream infrastructure, and maintained relationships with deepwater operators such as Exxon, Chevron, BP, etc.

Low to moderate risk investments
We are structured to deliver a diverse and proprietary set of energy investments which are de-risked, mature, and distributing cash.

A unique value proposition
Away from the pack.  Most oil and gas opportunities today target shale plays, where land acquisition and operating costs are significantly higher than ours. This allows us to be profitable in low commodity price environments.

Immediate Cash Flow
We invest in established businesses with positive cash flows and pay our investors quarterly.  The invested capital is typically a mezzanine hybrid structure that will provide current high interest yield with equity upside.

Secured Debt Capital
We create returns structured to outpace other similar structures. We don’t chase trends and are solely focused on sustained value creation in any market. Your capital is a secured debt investment with the upside of an equity investment.

Investment Diversification
In our exploration and production investments, we have significant upside from development of conventional Gulf Coast oil and gas prospects. Our midstream investment has steady cash flows that aren’t heavily influenced by changes in commodity prices.

We have positioned ourselves for significant growth over the next few years – currently developing prospects with over 30 million barrels of oil and 500 billion cubic feet of gas.


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