The Opportunity

Stonefly provides investment opportunities in the energy sector to high net worth individuals and family offices. Our investment companies are managed by exceptional management teams with proven performance records in the energy sector.

Stonefly uniquely positions our investors’ capital in energy investments that are low risk, mature and cash flowing. The key is our ability to be profitable in low-commodity price environments.

We have a history of generating returns in various market conditions. We do this by executing front end discipline to invest in people and assets that will deliver cash flow at any point in an economic cycle. We don’t chase trends and we are solely focused on sustained value creation in any market.

Our Approach

The Stonefly Hatch

Any of numerous dull-colored primitive aquatic insects of the order Plecoptera, having a distinctive flattened body shape; a major food source for game fish, especially bass and trout, which makes them popular as models for fishing flies.

The annual stonefly hatch is one of fly fishing’s most storied and anticipated events when, for a short period of time each year, all of the stonefly eggs in a given section of a stream hatch within a 4 or 5 day period.  For many fishermen, timing the stonefly hatch is an unparalleled once-in-a-lifetime experience; the window for success is small and uncertain, but if you time it right, it will be a fishing experience unlike any other.  Fishermen who understand these hatches can capitalize on the single most significant time of the year to catch large numbers of trophy fish.

With this natural occurrence in mind, Stonefly Investments was created. Stonefly’s advantage lies in actionable investment opportunities in companies that our management teams are intimately familiar,  in sectors we feel are uniquely positioned for growth in the coming years.

Investing With Stonefly


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